Florida No. 2 in Nation for Number of Drone Pilots ‘Certificates’ Granted

(TNS) — One of a fast-growing number of drone operators to gain new federal exemptions, Clermont videographer Brandon Horgeshimer has shot aerials of everything from reality-show scenes to RV-park footage.

“I think the certificate is legitimizing the industry to companies who want to use this technology to help advertise, whether it’s real estate or television stuff or movies,” Horgeshimer said. “It’s kind of like you hire a plumber and you’d like him to have a plumbing license.”

Florida drone pilots have gotten 97 exemptions in the Federal Aviation Administration’s first year of granting them, making the state second only to California. Uses include photography for events or more general use such as cityscapes; surveys of agricultural property and crops; and law enforcement searches and inspections, according to a new report…

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