Monitoring and Analysis

The advent of UAV technology affords us a perspective that we haven’t had before.

Take traffic management, for example. UAVs provide an efficient and cost-effective way to capture video footage and several streams of data regarding traffic patterns simultaneously. The only limit is the strength of the batteries. To perform the same operation with helicopters would be more limited and cost many times as much, accounting for gas and maintenance, pilot fatigue, insurance, and other factors. The same is true for resource management. Small, inexpensive drones can be used to track water flow, soil erosion, and changes in the landscape around roadways.

Angel Eyes is working with Federal and State legislators to craft UAV policy that affords local law enforcement unprecedented views of the places people go without violating the Fourth Amendment or other privacy laws. Local governments, the NTSB, and the FAA are beginning to recognize the opportunities that UAVs provide.