Consulting Services

Angel Eyes provides TURNKEY CUSTOMIZED UAV SOLUTIONS by first understanding your unique business situation, then designing a complete UAV/UAS solution that integrates the platform, sensor, and data capture in a seamless package.

Unlike other platform and sensor manufacturers, we have access to over forty platforms, both VTOL and fixed wing, as well as all types of sensors (i.e. High Definition, DSLR, MultiSpectral, Thermal, Infrared, HyperSpectral, LiDAR, chemical sensors, radiation sensors). Consequently, we are not pressured to provide a solution that might not be the best fit.

AEUAV Comprehensive Solution Graphic

Service Package

PRICE: $3,600/year (optional monthly billing)

One package per UAV, available only at time of purchase.

  • In the event of an accident:
    – Option to replace the UAV airframe framework twice over the first 12 months
    – Option to replace the broken frame with newer iterations in cases where later generations of hardware are available.
  • Storage and completion of back-up systems in the event of a repair, with return and replacement shipping covered via Ground Level or Priority Mail
  • 20 propellers at the time of sale
  • 1 extra set of regular wings
  • 1 designated PrecisionHawk account executive for quick servicing and support