Flight Services

One of the key elements that separate Angel Eyes UAV from all other UAV companies is that we have FAA-certified and licensed pilots on staff to serve you.

The Following Must Be Completed Before The Flight Day:

  • Basic Training and Fundamental Course for Inspection Requirements: This allows us to provide inspector services.
  • Proof of Concept Project: This permits us to assume liability for emergent work.
  • Statement of Work and List of Expectations: this will be used to judge whether the work is complete or not.
  • NOTAMs: If NOTAMs (Notice to Airman) are required, they need to be submitted to and approved by appropriate airport(s) before flying – this may take up to 48 hours.
  • Identify the 3-man Crew: The waiver holder decides who is qualified, based on insurance and FOP requirements.


  • Our pilots are paid on an hourly rate and are not limited to 8-hrs/day.
  • Our pilots are not permitted to fly at night or in non-VFR weather.
  • Response time is different than flying time; response time includes flying time, NOTAMs, and other pre-work.
  • Pilot rates include the aircraft/sensor/insurance, so if there are changes to the sensor configuration, rates will change accordingly.
  • The inspector/lineman rates will vary based on what company is providing them.
  • The rates below do NOT include any images processing, integration, or data management,

POSITION                                    HOURLY RATE


Pilot/UAV/Waiver/Ins                   $125

Inspector/lineman                          $90 – $125

Safety Observer                                $50

Administration                                $75*

*(varies based on requirements, including NOTAMs, scheduling, dataflow, etc.)