Professional Golf Course Turf Solutions

Maintaining a golf course is a complex and delicate science. Small variances in watering, fertilizing, or soil management can have a massive effect on the strength and beauty of the greens. Your golf members expect excellence, and so do you.

Angel Eyes UAV is pleased to offer a cutting-edge turf management system based on our professional-class drones, hyperspectral scanning technology, and cloud-based data management processes. On top of all that, we’ve acquired the services of drone legend Gene Payson to spearhead this offering. Gene has over 20,000 hours of drone flight experience, including many years as a trainer with the U.S. Air Force. He also has a killer short game!

We offer a comprehensive system, which includes the drone equipment, scanners, data capture, cloud storage, analysis and reporting, plus insurance, flight training, and insurance options. You have one partner, from start to finish, ensuring seamless rollout and application. You get precise data, high-quality high-resolution maps, and best of all, actionable analysis, so you can give your property exactly what it needs, in real time, season after season.

You owe it to your members, your management, and yourself to ensure that your greens are the best they can be. Call Gene today at (941) 313-0074 to learn how Angel Eyes’ Golf Course Solutions can change the game for you!

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