The Angel Eyes Opportunity

When you partner with Angel Eyes UAV, you’re not just buying a drone. You’re engaging a comprehensive UAV partner unlike any other in the industry, with a customized turnkey solution.

Here is how the partnership works:

We review the end user’s data requirements to accomplish the defined mission goals and recommend the most appropriate platforms and sensors to complete the job in an efficient and cost effective manner. Some missions require HD video while others require infrared, ultraviolet, LiDAR, radiation, or chemical sensors.

We then evaluate the entire broadcast spectrum to find the best available frequencies, and then de-conflict them with private spectrum leasing.

We also provide financing or leasing options, to make sure they get the equipment they need. We also work with you to make sure they have all of the UAS hull and liability insurance their organization needs on every level. Our in-depth knowledge of aviation insurance ensures that the end user is covered from every angle.

Angel Eyes is an OEM certified trainer, and we work with training organizations around the country to make sure your client is ready to fly with the most up-to-date FAA information.

Our licensed pilots will provide flight operations, to flight test your system and ensure proper data capture. We include that in the package.

We also complete all of the FAA paperwork, including the 333 waiver application.

Once the end user begins capturing data, our state-of-the-art data management system will process, store, analyze, publish, and archive the data. It is important to understand the data is “owned” by the client, but we have the ability securely manage the data and assist with integration into CRM/ERP systems.  We also provide access to a team of experts in a wide range of disciplines, including agronomy, GIS, and engineering, to ensure that your client can get the most strategic and tactical benefit from their data.  We can assist with data mining, creation of data algorithms and IP protection, for business/competitive protection or to assist with potential revenue creation.  

The partnership with Angel Eyes, UAV continues with ongoing technical support, user group forums, and expert advice.

No other company merges UAV and information technology expertise like Angel Eyes, UAV. From start to finish, we are the only partner your need for drone-based solutions from mission planning complete through information processing and management.

To learn more about becoming an Angel Eyes UAV reseller, call toll-free (855) 814-UAVS (8287) today.